As a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), C3 is committed to providing BIPOC and women small business owners the capital necessary to invest in their community while investing in their own careers and futures. C3 will continue to represent Chicago, Community, and Capital as we always have, but now we are emphasizing our mission with our new name and our new reach to areas across the United States.


Announcing the new C3 Impact Fund, LLC. Now standing for Catalyzing development in low to moderate communities, Creating local jobs, and Closing the racial and gender wealth gap. Here at C3 Impact Fund, we are Catalyzing development by not just providing access to the capital for specific projects, but also access to the resources necessary to succeed long-term. We are Creating local jobs by looking at the underserved areas of our community with eager eyes and clear focus, and centering our lending where it can make the greatest impact. And we are Closing the racial and gender wealth gap by generating economic growth and opportunity in underserved communities with pride. With the reaffirmation of our goals, this branding refresh speaks to our explicit motivation to have impact in underserved communities not only in Chicago but expanding to Texas, North Carolina, and Boston.


“Lending to minority real estate investors transcends the boundaries of mere financial transactions. Our new name, like our mission, is a beacon of hope in a financial landscape where access is often disproportionately skewed. As we continue our work, historically marginalized and underrepresented communities are empowered to acquire, build, and foster growth with real estate in their own neighborhoods. Real estate investing becomes the vessel for real, tangible change. Our mission isn’t just about lending money– it’s about laying the bricks of justice, leveling the playing field, and constructing the edifice of a fairer, more inclusive tomorrow. “-Tiffany Taylor, Executive Director of C3 Fund.


By championing this cause, C3 Impact Fund is not just investing in properties, but in the revitalization of communities, the dignity of individual dreams, and the unwavering belief in the power of the people it serves. To learn more, or to get started, reach out today.